The ACCJC Annual Report and Fiscal Report must be submitted electronically.  Approximately one month before the report due date, the CEO and ALO of each member college will receive e-mail instructions with their individual login username and password.

The following will assist you in completing and submitting the reports:

  • You can change the password if necessary.
  • Please do not share your user name and password. Instead, use 'Update Profile' in question 1 to add individuals who will assist you in completing the Annual Report and Fiscal Report.
  • You are encouraged to print the questions and prepare your answers before attempting to complete the online report. Report questions and instructions can be accessed from the log-in page, by clicking on 'Getting Started Instructions'.
  • You are asked to verify information in the first question, including the CEO's e-mail address. To input any needed changes, click on the 'Update Profile' link.
  • There are '[Read Additional Instructions]' pop-up windows to assist with what information is requested.
  • Data which you enter in the report form will be saved while work is in progress, providing you the option of entering the data as you obtain it.
  • If a question is not applicable, please enter N/A in that box.
  • If any changes are required after submitting each report, please call ACCJC, 415-506-0234, or e-mail
  • The Audited Financial Statements are to be submitted electronically to These should be submitted within six months of the close of the fiscal year. PDF format is preferred, though any electronic format is acceptable.
  • The CEO must verify and perform the final online submission of both the Annual Report and Annual Fiscal Report.
  • Both reports must be submitted by April 5, 2019; however, if additional time is required to obtain specific data, please e-mail and request an extension of time to submit either.
Please feel free to call the ACCJC office at 415-506-0234 or e-mail if you have any questions.